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Topic subjectBoatload...lots of people to feed if i'm gone
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13258199, Boatload...lots of people to feed if i'm gone
Posted by auragin_boi, Mon May-14-18 01:42 PM
$150K through the gig ($50K of it is free/on the company)
2 separate polices worth about $1.5 mil.

If I go:

Wife will be able to pay off the house and all debt, bank some money for life expenses (though she makes her own $$), put some away for college for the kids and still have a nice chunk of a savings nest egg. I'll have the same if she goes.

My sister will get a nice little $30K to help her a little going forward.

My ex will get about $400K for our kids together which would cover child support and inflation until the kids are in college and a decent chunk of $$$ for college expenses. This was built into our decree. She has similar coverage as well.

All of my kids will be grown when the term policies end but I made sure to get convertible policies as well.