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Topic subject^ ^ ^Yezzir! Jean a BEAST!
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13249427, ^ ^ ^Yezzir! Jean a BEAST!
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Mon Apr-09-18 06:48 PM
Its pretty much:

-Jean Grae


Nothin else to see here folx.

Dem two is like the Rakim & Kane of Femcees in terms of Jawns
thas currently spittin at a high-tier level. Not only can they *swim wit da sharks, sheeeeiiiittt, ...they can *eat most of'em. Straight like dat.

But word to this post, I wanna get put on to more Jawns that got heat. Gotta diversify my bondz(c)WuTang-Financial

Honorable mention: its a Jawn that was on that 9th/Kweli Indy500 album that was blackin out too. Sounded like she was from Brooklyn, it mighta been that Jawn that BlackDante was hugged-up wit in the one youtube clip.