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Topic subjectSooo put me on some more up & coming female rappers if i'm into...
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13249303, Sooo put me on some more up & coming female rappers if i'm into...
Posted by dapitts08, Mon Apr-09-18 02:06 PM
princess nokia
tierra whack
cardi b lol

who am i missing out on?
13249305, just throwing Dreezy out here... didnt see her name on the list
Posted by kittyswift, Mon Apr-09-18 02:08 PM
13249311, good looks. forgot about her.
Posted by dapitts08, Mon Apr-09-18 02:15 PM
13249319, Megan Thee Stallion is the next Trina
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Mon Apr-09-18 02:35 PM
13249321, hadn't heard of her but yup perfect comparison
Posted by dapitts08, Mon Apr-09-18 02:45 PM
that's definitely her lane and vibe.
13249336, Just a few you may already be aware
Posted by AtoZ 0toInfinity, Mon Apr-09-18 03:07 PM
Ill Camille

MuMu Fresh
Vintage Babies is DOPE

3D Na'Tee

Jean Grae
She just dropped a joint with Quelle Chris
13249384, These are good. Thanks!
Posted by dapitts08, Mon Apr-09-18 05:01 PM
i've known about mumu fresh for awhile but never really checked her stuff....just heard stuff when i randomly did. i def need to put some more effort to copping her stuff. she is def dope. just added vintage babies to tidal.

Listening to Ill Camille now. So far so good. Thanks! Mannn... really dope.

Will check 3D Na'Tee next.

And of course Jean Grae been in rotation lol

13249374, ^Jean Grae
Posted by infin8, Mon Apr-09-18 04:21 PM
she's a vet already, but she is SNAPPPPPPPING on her joint w/Quelle Chris , 'Everything's Fine'

Check for 'Zero' she goes first.
13249382, lol she's a veteran....but yeah everything's fine is dope :)
Posted by dapitts08, Mon Apr-09-18 04:52 PM
13249427, ^ ^ ^Yezzir! Jean a BEAST!
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Mon Apr-09-18 06:48 PM
Its pretty much:

-Jean Grae


Nothin else to see here folx.

Dem two is like the Rakim & Kane of Femcees in terms of Jawns
thas currently spittin at a high-tier level. Not only can they *swim wit da sharks, sheeeeiiiittt, ...they can *eat most of'em. Straight like dat.

But word to this post, I wanna get put on to more Jawns that got heat. Gotta diversify my bondz(c)WuTang-Financial

Honorable mention: its a Jawn that was on that 9th/Kweli Indy500 album that was blackin out too. Sounded like she was from Brooklyn, it mighta been that Jawn that BlackDante was hugged-up wit in the one youtube clip.

13249508, RE: ^ ^ ^Yezzir! Jean a BEAST!
Posted by dapitts08, Tue Apr-10-18 06:36 AM
K'Valentine? If so she's on Kweli's label.

>Honorable mention: its a Jawn that was on that 9th/Kweli
>Indy500 album that was blackin out too. Sounded like she was
>from Brooklyn, it mighta been that Jawn that BlackDante was
>hugged-up wit in the one youtube clip.

13249394, Kamaiyah's album should be coming soon
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Apr-09-18 05:13 PM
I don't think she's for everybody but I liked a Good night in the Ghetto


www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13249507, thnx. yeah i tried but this one wasn't for me.
Posted by dapitts08, Tue Apr-10-18 06:34 AM
i got half way through and switched but maybe it's one of those that you gotta be in a certain mood for. i'm still gonna give her a shot since I saw her mentioned in another post too.

or maybe it's just that she maybe one of those artists that i like some songs but don't wanna hear a whole album from...lol...cuz i did look up a few songs/videos on youtube and i was feeling them lol
13249675, haven't heard it
Posted by infin8, Tue Apr-10-18 02:18 PM
but I bet it's 'ride out' music.

you not s'posed to think, just smoke and put it on and hit the streets

***I do not endorse driving while intoxicated***

Like for instance Mozzy is not on my radar but I fux with

Mozzy - Sleep Walkin (Official Video) - YouTube

^^ this shit goes hard.
13249707, it's a vibe so it's going to be hit or miss
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Apr-10-18 04:31 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13249758, Yep
Posted by Cam, Tue Apr-10-18 11:06 PM
13249757, I thought the same, until I saw her live this past week.
Posted by Cam, Tue Apr-10-18 11:04 PM
YG was with her, they have a song with Drake...

But, this song below, echoes the sentiment above, and made me a fan...
13249662, http://shemovement.com/
Posted by Lurkmode, Tue Apr-10-18 01:49 PM

13249671, Lucy Camp
Posted by Madvillain 626, Tue Apr-10-18 02:10 PM
13249676, Lady Leshurr
Posted by double negative, Tue Apr-10-18 02:21 PM
13298749, I think she's changed her style up in response to Stefflon Don's popularity lol n/m
Posted by NorthWeezy, Sat Nov-24-18 03:41 PM
13249679, Rapsody...
Posted by Trinity444, Tue Apr-10-18 02:37 PM
I been thinking about female artists a lot...

I went back to the scene in the BIG movie, when he told little Kim...
niggas ain’t trying to hear a woman talk about guns and shit”

men wanna hear them talk nasty.

13249681, Surprised Sa-Roc hasn't been mentioned yet
Posted by self_ish, Tue Apr-10-18 02:45 PM

Them That Do... out now via HiPNOTT Records. Produced by Small Pro, featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow, Muhsinah, John Robinson, Miles Bonny and more: https://hipnottrecords.bandcamp.com/album/them-that-do
13249700, i dnt knw her story but i ran across this chick's flex freestyle...
Posted by mikediggz, Tue Apr-10-18 04:00 PM
the other day...looks like she has promise



13249701, mc lyte, queen latifah, sha-rock
Posted by mista k5, Tue Apr-10-18 04:04 PM
just clowning
13249705, ^^^ Nah for real, put us onto rappers in the vein of Rhapsody
Posted by Kira, Tue Apr-10-18 04:24 PM
I'm not trying to hear 15 songs about how good your sex skills are.
Give me some substance give me something to rewind the song to.

Who else should I check for as an emcee.
13249762, Check Odd Mojo
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Apr-11-18 02:06 AM
Mentioned her on here before. From Maryland. Brings that good gritty '90s style shit.

13249764, RE: Sooo put me on some more up & coming female rappers if i'm into...
Posted by double 0, Wed Apr-11-18 03:27 AM
U need that illcamille album in ya life
13249854, is it really against the laws of physics...
Posted by Trinity444, Wed Apr-11-18 11:19 AM
that two MCs can’t occupy the same space at the same time?

why do men compare female MCs to each other?
in this day and age of wack rappers :-)
how come we aren’t comparing ladies to the guys...

13290674, where do i get my late pass on noname??
Posted by mista k5, Tue Oct-09-18 11:11 AM
just listened to room 25 and it is dope. definitely in the top albums of 2018 for me.
13290695, I fuck with Tokyo Jetz
Posted by Mafamaticks, Tue Oct-09-18 11:44 AM
certain songs I don't rock with but overall I think she's dope
13290706, mama sol
Posted by kevb, Tue Oct-09-18 12:09 PM
13290950, Sammus the Rapper
Posted by Damali, Wed Oct-10-18 11:38 AM
1080p is my shit
13290954, Sidenote out of Charlotte
Posted by MEAT, Wed Oct-10-18 11:45 AM
13290956, Ivy Sole also out of Charlotte
Posted by MEAT, Wed Oct-10-18 11:47 AM
13298316, well that tierra whack was something else
Posted by mista k5, Tue Nov-20-18 11:00 AM
havent watched the video yet
13298321, Nitty Scott, Rico Nasty
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Nov-20-18 11:15 AM
13298334, rico intrigues me
Posted by mista k5, Tue Nov-20-18 11:25 AM
i think as she matures her sound she might blow
13298489, I can't say I'm a fan, but she seems like someone to at least be aware of
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Nov-21-18 09:48 AM
13298326, Sa-Roc... Ill Camille
Posted by double 0, Tue Nov-20-18 11:18 AM

13298340, Lizzo!
Posted by BlakStaar, Tue Nov-20-18 11:36 AM
Da f*ck is wrong with y’all?!

13337924, seriously, what is wrong with yall??
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jun-12-19 12:08 PM
how are there not 20 posts about this lady????

i love her music, attitude, confidence, energy.

more lizzo please!
13337930, RE: seriously, what is wrong with yall??
Posted by BlakStaar, Wed Jun-12-19 12:18 PM
She blew up not long after I posted this. ;-)

I think Lizzo is the closest thing to Missy in terms of her show(wo)manship, actual talent and creativity. I'm happy they've collaborated, too:

I haven't really been able to get into her music. Her material leans pop, which really isn't my thing. Nonetheless, I really enjoy following her on social media and watching her performances.
13337935, its definitely more pop than my usual taste but she does it right
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jun-12-19 12:23 PM
nothing but love for her.
13298342, Boog Brown
Posted by BlakStaar, Tue Nov-20-18 11:44 AM
I actually haven’t listened to her music yet but she’s from Detroit and has worked with Apollo Brown. She is (or was) affiliated with Mello Music Group. I discovered her via Dead End Hip Hop. She is friends with Beezy, who is also from the D.

She also has day job or side gig at a retail establishmentt with a strong hip-hop connection but I will refrain from stating it to respect her privacy. She has posted on this business’s FB Page so it may not be private but I’m not sure.
13298348, Lyric Jones
Posted by LAbeathustla, Tue Nov-20-18 11:52 AM

13298372, Sampa the Great
Posted by FLUIDJ, Tue Nov-20-18 01:27 PM
13298399, Chika
Posted by Damali, Tue Nov-20-18 02:54 PM
13298668, not a single Little Simz mention?
Posted by LES, Thu Nov-22-18 09:57 PM

Dead Body
13349682, I'm late to her party, but gad damn she's amazing
Posted by tully_blanchard, Fri Sep-27-19 12:24 PM


Fuck aliens




The Greatest Story (N)ever Told (finished)
13298669, 3DNatee
Posted by kingjerm78, Thu Nov-22-18 09:59 PM
13298679, Chynna. Best female rapper rn period
Posted by theeraser, Fri Nov-23-18 03:34 AM
13298738, JUNGLEPU$$Y
Posted by GoldenWon, Sat Nov-24-18 09:04 AM
hold on we saw her live and had the backpapers with the screwed face yelling BARS. I like her a lot

Cupcakke too..I mean she is raunchy as hell but she actually does it very cleverly and her flow is great

I would say myself, stori Brooks, but I ain't put the 2nd project out yet and self promo is lame and I'm just waiting like the phantom of the Opera and paying my patience fees. I don't rap all the time anyway
13298877, RE: JUNGLEPU$$Y
Posted by BlakStaar, Mon Nov-26-18 02:52 PM
This was a good one. I’m actually mad at myself for forgetting her.
13298876, Ill Camille and Jungle Pussy
Posted by justin_scott, Mon Nov-26-18 02:46 PM
13349054, Shawnette & Che Noir
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Tue Sep-24-19 09:17 PM
These two females I've been hearing recently on the underground mixshows (mostly Rap Is Outta Control and Live@HeadCQuarterz) but both of them seem nice.

I don't think Shawnette have much solo material, she has more collaboration songs than solo but she do have some solo joints when you do a search on soundcloud though.

Che' Noir is from Buffalo and she's been out for a few years now, check her music out here: https://soundcloud.com/marche-black-1/tracks

13349666, i honestly like young ma more than all these folks.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Sep-27-19 11:04 AM
i dont know if thats your flavor tho.