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Topic subjectexactly, thats what I got from it. She legit says
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13226030, exactly, thats what I got from it. She legit says
Posted by Mr. ManC, Mon Jan-15-18 04:20 PM
she was surprised by how quickly things escalated.

Like he went from kissing to fondling to oral sex in a matter of ten minutes, based on when she was counting.

But Aziz may be like we met a week ago, been texting, just had drinks, and dinner, ok lets get things started.

The main thing is the way society is set up is it almost depends on this line crosses as a means of communication. Instead of sitting down and consenting, it turns into a cat and mouse dynamic where it's like "let me try this, and see if she recoils"...terrible dynamic for anything meaningful, unless you're into that.