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Topic subjectImho its a case of right paragraph, wrong time
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13225913, Imho its a case of right paragraph, wrong time
Posted by BigReg, Mon Jan-15-18 11:41 AM
>if you feel out of touch and only half understand
>intersectionality, maybe sit this one out for a bit...?

I had a post all written out but junked it since i didnt have time to really engage a fee days ago. But it was based off Rose Mcgowan’s racial fuckups since she became the face of the anti-abuse movement, piggy backed off how she went in on the Golden Globes for being fake when it was a night whre female POC’s ruled (along with the subsequent Oprah flack for apparently being abuse complicit, lol)

Basically that the current mainstream feminist movements (and other current white fronted activist movements) are tainted by white supremacy and they need to do a better job and recognize how they fucking up. Ill wait for another example outside of this mess of a situation but intersectionality is a problem because it seems to be factored in only by POC activists, primarily black women, while white liberals just talk the talk. Like how the current trans movement pretty much ignores the massacres happening in various inner cities with police sanctioned murders (but that issue is at the forefront of various POC lead movements, blacklives, black feminists in general, etc)