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Topic subjectthese are the points I struggle with
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13225814, these are the points I struggle with
Posted by Nodima, Sun Jan-14-18 08:20 PM
because you'll inevitably hear that you just don't know what it's like to be in the room with a person like that.

and I DO get that I haven't had that experience, and I DO get the pressure young people can feel under when they are with someone they admire in their profession, particularly one as bottlenecked and fickle as Hollywood/comedy.

But this girl bills herself as a photographer; Aziz can't blacklist her photography across the entire world.

When you google his name now, you see women thinking that men are coming to Aziz' defense because these situations are incredibly common and this story is emblematic of the issues with what men consider "normal" sexual encounters. But like I said below, I find the entire scenario completely bizarre, I can't relate to EITHER side, but like you point out...there is a whole lot of her assuming he understands what she's thinking without saying out loud:

"Oh, I wanted red wine."
"Why are you in such a hurry? Do you have work to do?"
"I don't like leaving with wine still on the table."
"I haven't had as good a time as I expected, maybe we'll talk later."
"I'll come up, but only for one more drink. I don't do first night fucks."
"Excuse me, I said I have no interest in having sex with you. Thanks for dinner, goodnight."

I'm not making excuses for Aziz, this night sounds like the worst a person in any sort of power position could act towards someone else, but I just find the entire story a tale of two idiots making bad decisions over the course of several hours. If this story came out in any other year, I think more people would see it the way she initially did, as a poorly executed sexual encounter by both parties.

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