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Topic subjectcrazy neighbor part 2
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13200801, crazy neighbor part 2
Posted by RobOne4, Sun Oct-08-17 05:58 PM
if you missed part 1, you can catch up here http://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=4&topic_id=13195169&mesg_id=13195169&listing_type=search

But since that post was made Next Door has been poppin. Dee started using the app as her own personal blog. Posting about everything and nothing every day. Just stirring shit up. It was hilarious. Every time she made a post all the pissed off women would come out and complain. I am tired of getting email notifications about your nonsense posts. Every post turned into a shit show. Then Dee would report them and they would catch a 1 week ban. It was really masterful. I mentioned several times how you can ignore her posts but you know old people and the internet. When nothing was being done about Dee people started making posts complaining about her daily. So you are tired of her nonsensical posts but you make 3 or 4 a day complaining about her. I pointed it out but nobody saw the irony. I think my favorite post was when someone printed out the rules from the rules page then posted the picture of the rules in a new post. Instead of linking to the rules page she PRINTED screen shots of the rules and took pictures of them. This is the level of internet user we are dealing with.

Now this brings us to this week's shenanigans. Dee has really pissed off a set of 20 something year old twin sisters on her street and their mom. They managed to get Dee banned for 1 week. Well she is back and out for vengeance. She has found the twins facebook and instagram pages and is now using their pictures as her profile picture. One day it was one twin and her bathroom selfie pic. Another day it was their mom in a family pic. The next day the other twin with her dogs. But she hasnt announced that she has done this. The twins are stalking her account so hard that they keep posting about her using their pics. Im waiting for a horse head to end up in someones yard. Or someones dogs to get poisoned. But this is getting good.
13200833, Nice. My neighbor asked if he can have my rocks after I sold my house
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Oct-09-17 01:10 AM
The areas of trees and bushes on my property were filled in with stones. I just sold and was moving out yesterday when my neighbor walked up and asked if I knew the guy who bought it. I said kind of, he's a nice guy and would make a good neighbor.

So my neighbor asked if he can have my rocks. I explained that the house already sold. He said yeah I know...but I was wondering if I can have your rocks since you dont need them anymore and the new tenant wouldn't know the difference.

I explained that the house has sold and he bought the house as is, which means he also bought the rocks.

I got a blank stare in response. I said I needed to finish moving. He asked if I made money on the sale. I said we did pretty well. He asked if I could loan him some money.

This was the third conversation I've had with him in two years.
13200838, Dee is a hero and a great American.
Posted by KiloMcG, Mon Oct-09-17 06:11 AM