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Topic subjectI drowned in code
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13191570, I drowned in code
Posted by Kira, Tue Sep-05-17 10:25 PM
All types of code: Java, Python, etc. One day I'm going to master this and when I do watch out world as I come for all your gold.

Got my Brickell shipment along with my Carol's Daughter shipment. Waiting for Old Navy and Hanes to come through with the timely delivery.

Discovered the wonderful world of Vitamin dummies.

Found out about quality practice materials:


Only problem is this is smartphone money and I'm stuck deciding between the G6 and the Xperia XZ1. Military drop spec sounds nice until you realize the device gets one more OS update and then that's it. On the other hand the XZ1 costs way too much for an HDR display and camera capable of taking 3D images you can send to a printer.