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Topic subjectHow was your long weekend?
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13191350, How was your long weekend?
Posted by Creole, Tue Sep-05-17 10:38 AM
Came back today and am already wanting to tell all of these folks to PHUCK AWF!

Having already gotten a new gig don't help the cause nor my motivation to be here. I'm here all alone while everyone else on my team is in Iowa. And I'm still ready to tell them to PHUCK AWF!

Anyway, had a nice weekend...

- Binged on Narcos
- Caught up on other shows: Greenleaf, Black Love, Queen of the South, Ballers, Insecure
- Watched Power's season finale twice
- Hung out with my youngest daughter who decided that coming home for a little shopping was better than staying on campus all weekend
- Took my wife and daughters to brunch
- Manicures for dad and daughters after brunch
- Chilled for the most part with nothing much on the agenda