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Topic subjectmy 5hr radio show on Lisa Shaw starts now
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13190909, my 5hr radio show on Lisa Shaw starts now
Posted by araQual, Fri Sep-01-17 11:01 AM
starts off with her underrated downtempo material and makes its way to her house classics. streaming link is here >>> www.blueingreenradio.com

will post a dwnld link to the show in 24hrs via my soundcloud page.

13191056, dwnld link + tracklist
Posted by araQual, Sat Sep-02-17 01:00 AM


01. tazmanian ballroom - pleasure seekers (feat. lisa shaw)
02. nuspirit helsinki - trying (butti 49 nu niveau remix) (feat. lisa shaw)
03. rahze (aka dj deckstream) - summer time (feat. lisa shaw)
04. miguel migs - one wish for me (feat. lisa shaw)
05. phenix - that's why i'm here (feat. li'sha)
06. lisa shaw - echoes of my mind
07. lisa shaw - don't know what to do
08. lisa shaw - sky high
09. aquanote - all over you (feat. lisa shaw)
10. julius papp & lisa shaw - miracle (jarred's quiet storm mix)
11. q-burns abstract message - differently (feat. lisa shaw)
12. blue six - here i come (feat. lisa shaw)
13. lisa shaw - if i could
14. lisa shaw - matter of time
15. rae & christian - should have known (feat. lisa shaw)
16. lisa shaw - always (album version)
17. vincenzo - hello! (feat. lisa shaw)
18. lovebirds - holdin' on (lovebirds 808ies matrix) (feat. lisa shaw)
19. pure plasma & dj swingsett - believin' (feat. lisa shaw)
20. lisa shaw - inside my love
21. andy caldwell - warrior (original mix) (feat. lisa shaw)
22. central living - everyday (sven's version d'amour) (feat. lisa shaw)
23. harley&muscle - feeling good (feat. lisa shaw)
24. li'sha project - feel (original vocal)
25. fred everything - here i am (feat. lisa shaw)
26. miguel migs - breakdown (feat. lisa shaw)
27. nightriders - under pressure (chill mix) (feat. lisa shaw)
28. ethan white & lisa shaw - find the way (jask's unreleased reprise)
29. allovers - all i'm saying (ananda project 2-step remix) (feat. lisa shaw)
30. home and garden - someday (feat. lisa shaw)
31. ethan white & lisa shaw - find the way (main vocal)
32. vincenzo & florian kruse - all about you (feat. lisa shaw)
33. blue six - tropicalia (jay's bahia remix) (feat. lisa shaw)
34. q-burns abstract message - this time (rivera rotation remix) (feat. lisa shaw)
35. central living - everyday (the naked penis remix) (feat. lisa shaw)
36. big muff - feel what you know (feat. lisa shaw)
37. atfc - walk away (atfc's vb weekender vocal) (feat. lisa shaw)
38. miguel migs - days of color (feat. lisa shaw)
39. lovetronic - you are love (after hours payback session) (feat. lisa shaw)
40. lisa shaw - all night high (original vocal)
41. lisa shaw - cherry (jay's nude vocal)
42. lisa shaw - let it ride (jimpster remix)
43. central living - inside (central living original) (feat. lisa shaw)
44. blue six - let's do it together (feat. lisa shaw)
45. lisa shaw - always (lovetronic vocal).