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Topic subjectOne year, I did a series of FB posts on King's radical thoughts
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13190677, One year, I did a series of FB posts on King's radical thoughts
Posted by Overqualified, Thu Aug-31-17 10:34 AM
and you're right, there's a hell of a lot that got him in hot water (and ultimately assassinated) with white folks beyond just drinking at a water fountain - mainly the ills of capitalism, American imperialism (the Vietnam war), etc. But he also wasn't too highly regarded toward the end of his life with some Black people either. People weren't showing for marches. I think there was a call for him to fall back from leadership as he turned more toward economic inequality. I brought up one of his speeches/sermons "The Drum Major Instinct" during the posts in which he addresses certain institutions in the Black community - BGLOs, consumerism, the Black Church, etc. as impediments to black unity. I bring that speech up in conversation on him with my frat brothers (of which MLK was one), and it usually gets glossed over in favor of "the hits".