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Topic subjectOn realizing you troll at work
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13179739, On realizing you troll at work
Posted by imcvspl, Tue Aug-01-17 10:52 PM
Not no malicious shit, or any shit that'll get you fired, but shit that has you laughing your ass off at the way your co-workers react.

Part of it comes from just being black and people being uncomfortable as shit with that. Like you can see their brains turning, 'is he serious? i mean maybe black people don't realize that...' and so they take the bait and that shit is just hilarious.

I pretty much blame you fucks because while I can tone it down, I just can't turn it off. There's only like two or three people that see it and they laughing it up with me.

Way I figure is so long as it's not premeditated I'm good right?

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