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Topic subjectwhats it going to take to get 45* supporters to turn?
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13126781, whats it going to take to get 45* supporters to turn?
Posted by double negative, Fri Feb-17-17 02:30 PM
Anytime an embarrassing gaffe, statement or stance comes from 45*'s sadministration I can't help but damn near obsessively read through comments to see if people are finally getting it.

-Bad news comes down the pipe line, they scream "fake news" (which, by the way is up there with "cuck" on the short list of cringe newly created inducing words.

-Kellyanne Conway and her inability to make a true statement - crickets.

-Kellyanne Conway's ban from news shows - they scream (ironically) "This is sexism!"

The responses of 45*'s supporters have become numb and reduced to auto responses. You can damn near play bingo with the limited set of responses they use which stem from 45*'s response to things.

They want to blame the mainstream media for lying but when faced with facts from the horse's mouth direct and unfiltered no response is to be found.

When blocked in with facts they dodge...
"Well, the KKK actually started out as..."
"Actually they were democrats...TAKE THAT LIBTARDS"

I'm going to guess never, but I'm optimistically searching for a line in the sand.