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13119101, RE: Lenny Willaims Unsung
Posted by jimaveli, Sat Jan-28-17 10:59 AM
>and "Cause I love you" is the GOAT SLow Jam Ever IMO
>that cut alone makes tissue unfold on the spot.
>loved him with Tower of Power.
>he truly is underrated
>i walk down the street going OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
>and the birds know what it means.

Cause I love you is still amazing and special. It is one of the songs I remember most from my early childhood. My pops stayed riding in boat-like cars. A light blue Monte Carlo is the one I remember most. And I would ride with him when he'd go get his board from his gambling homeboy (before Texas had them lottos). And Lenny was almost a lock to come on at some point.

I loved and love that damn song. It's such a monsterous vocal if nothing else. And the pimpin ass talk-singing breakdown? Cmon...it's special and elite.

It's crazy to think he could make that song and still basically get 'thrown away' during the 80s like so many others. Dude was working at a community center? Wow.