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Topic subjectYep. You'll love Scene on Radio.
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13399752, Yep. You'll love Scene on Radio.
Posted by Brew, Mon Aug-17-20 12:51 PM
They cover a good chunk of what's below, and much more. I learned a lot of BS I didn't previously know.

>Imma try to parse it out with a few examples.
>The "Justice System"
>This country, on paper, has one of the strongest, fairest
>court/jury trial systems in the entire world. Just think of
>the ideas around being tried by a jury of your peers, you're
>guaranteed an attorney if you can't afford one, being
>considered innocent until proven guilty, keeping juries
>protected from being victimized by defendants, how the jury
>pool is chosen etc etc
>But that's not how it REALLY works, especially for Black
>people...public defenders often railroad us or are in cahoots
>w/the DA to cut terrible deals, jury duty is avoided by many
>smart,intelligent folks, or don't reflect the actual "peers"
>of the defendant (i.e. an all white racist ass jury for a
>Black defendant), Black defendants are almost always assumed
>to be guilty and have to prove otherwise, jury selection
>process is often tainted and biased
>and we haven't even TOUCHED the prison system, which does not
>even attempt to rehabiliatate anyway and uses them (mostly US)
>for slave labor of for-profit companies and sets us up to
>return by politicizing "reentry" programs...
>do we need to talk about the death penalty and who usually
>dies? or the racist/sexist and corrupt constructs of bail
>bonds (bounty hunters anyone?), parole, probation, prison
>guards, clemency hearings, pardons?
>i'm already exhausted....i cant do a few more
>examples...writing that out just made me angry and sad...
>other examples anyone else is free to examine are:
>Public Education
>anyway, you get the drift. we fake free.