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Topic subjectHm.. I may check it out
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13399666, Hm.. I may check it out
Posted by Damali, Sun Aug-16-20 07:10 PM
>The most recent season is about "democracy" and how the US
>has never actually come anywhere close to being one.
>Racism/white supremacy naturally play a huge role topically.

Yes, this is exactly what I meant by "fake free"...its all been an illusion...some shit written on paper that looks/seems real enough (or is real if you aren't Black/Brown/disabled/old etc etc) but really isn't

>That said, I know that Damali will do exactly the same when
>she responds.

I'm pretty sure the folks on that podcast have the particulars sorted out way better than I do...

Just figured I'd offer some great content I've
>recently heard in case you guys hadn't heard it.

Thanks so much!