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Topic subjectabsolutely. i promise to come back to this.
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13399391, absolutely. i promise to come back to this.
Posted by Damali, Fri Aug-14-20 11:21 AM
>>but we've been 'fake free' for a good minute...arguably the
>>whole time.
>I kind of lean on a similar construction with respect to the
>idea of "freedom" as it seems like you're putting together
>here, but sometimes I have a hard time articulating it in a
>way that engages people in the way I want.

Same here..i'm slowly figuring out how to make it make sense outside of my own thoughts...

Is there a way for
>me to say that I'm curious to hear you say more about this
>without making it sound like I'm smugly trying to make you
>show your work. I mean, I am - but because I want to see it,
>not because I'm smug.

you just did :) and yes, i want to talk about this with you (and everyone) more, but i need to get some work done lol...imma close this site and come back either this evening or tomorrow and write more