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Topic subjectSpinoff: Albums that have one or more songs on them NOT by the artist?
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13103181, Spinoff: Albums that have one or more songs on them NOT by the artist?
Posted by PROMO, Wed Dec-07-16 03:12 PM
This is a spinoff of my Biggie post.

Lil' Kim's Hardcore has the Lil' Cease ONLY version of Crush On You which is just weird as fuck (sidenote: what's the backstory of this and why Lil' Kim is only on the Crush On You Remix?). It's weird for two reasons: 1. it's HER album and a version of the song exists with her on it, and 2. the version with her on it is the hotter song by 1000 percent.

Anyhow, what other albums feature whole songs by someone OTHER than the artist? I feel like this has happened in rap more than I care to remember because....crew love I guess.
13103184, The Roots and Ursula Rucker comes to mind
Posted by justin_scott, Wed Dec-07-16 03:19 PM
granted it's poems and not songs.
13103186, Missy Elliott and Eminem
Posted by justin_scott, Wed Dec-07-16 03:20 PM
Bus A Rhyme
13103187, didn't one of Beanie Sigel's albums have "Anything" by Jay Z at the end?
Posted by BigJazz, Wed Dec-07-16 03:20 PM

I ain't lyin. This shit i'm making up is true...
13103192, I think so. And one of Bleek's albums had "Dear Summer" on it
Posted by DJR, Wed Dec-07-16 03:26 PM
13103194, and "Dear Summer" is dope af
Posted by KiloMcG, Wed Dec-07-16 03:28 PM
13103744, Yup, I still play it like it just came out
Posted by DJR, Thu Dec-08-16 06:06 PM
13103203, poor Bleek. that's the best song on the album.
Posted by PROMO, Wed Dec-07-16 03:36 PM
13103321, I came in here to mention Dear Summer. Classic Hov.
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Dec-07-16 06:11 PM
13103196, ha ha, yeah...at the end of "The Truth"
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Dec-07-16 03:29 PM
13104369, and In My Lifetime Vol 2 had Money Ain't a Thing
Posted by Wonderl33t, Sat Dec-10-16 04:43 PM
although Jay Z was featured on it.
13103198, Tribe Called Quest just did this; Mobius is just Cons and Busta
Posted by BigReg, Wed Dec-07-16 03:29 PM
13103800, As long as they get my page right on Wikipedia
Posted by Sleepy, Thu Dec-08-16 09:04 PM
As long as they say my name right up in the media.

Guess that's all it take to get you to do a song without the album artist...
13103200, Bush Babee's "Intro" on Gravity was all Mos Def
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Wed Dec-07-16 03:34 PM


"Where was the peace when we were getting shot? Where's the peace when we were getting laid out?
Where is the peace when we are in the back of ambulances? Where is the peace then?
They don't want to call for peace then.
13103205, OB4CL
Posted by Amritsar, Wed Dec-07-16 03:40 PM
Wisdom Body

13103785, This the GOAT right here...Wisdom Body
Posted by theeraser, Thu Dec-08-16 08:05 PM
13103211, Ghostface's "Iron Man" had two:
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Dec-07-16 03:44 PM
1. Faster Blade (Raekwon solo cut)

2. Assassination Day (Rebel INS, RZA, Raekwon, and Masta Killa)

The second one was really weird. A solo cut I understand (returns the favor that Rae paid him OB4CL), by Assassination Day has four rappers on it, none of whom are Ghost.
13103256, Two of the best joints on the album!
Posted by Anonymous, Wed Dec-07-16 04:50 PM
13103746, Yup.
Posted by 13Rose, Thu Dec-08-16 06:21 PM
Assassination Day is my favorite song on the album actually.
13103829, why wouldn't it be...Deck KILLS that joint
Posted by Anonymous, Fri Dec-09-16 12:21 AM

no true-Wu Deck solo is the biggest misstep in hip-hop history!
13103866, they wanted to show Wu tang is for the children
Posted by makaveli, Fri Dec-09-16 06:02 AM
Big Doe Rehab has Prayer, which is funny cause it's a random dude singing some kind of gospel song in the middle of the album. There is no explanation for this of course.
13104305, RE: they wanted to show Wu tang is for the children
Posted by 13Rose, Sat Dec-10-16 03:17 AM
Just reading this made me laugh because I can picture it perfectly.
13104535, The Prayer
Posted by makaveli, Mon Dec-12-16 10:07 AM
13103217, GZA's Liquid Swords, RZA's Bobby first two albums, and ODB's 2nd
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Dec-07-16 03:49 PM
LS: B.I.B.L.E (Killah Priest solo)

Bobby Digital - Terrorist (Dr. Doom, PR Terrorist, and Killa Sin)

Digital Bullet - Black Widow Pt. 2 (ODB solo cut)

N%^&*a Please - Gettin' High (12 O'Clock, LA the Darkman, and Shorty Shit Stain)

So basically Wu-Tang is the king of this.
13103251, Jeru The Damaja
Posted by ProgressiveSound, Wed Dec-07-16 04:45 PM
Track called "Anotha Victim" by Mz Marvel on Heroez 4 Hire.
Only song I check for on that piece.
13103283, madvillian
Posted by howardlloyd, Wed Dec-07-16 05:13 PM
got the wyldchild joint and the one with the girl singing
13103292, All those mid '00s DOOM albums had at least one. Sometimes more.
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Dec-07-16 05:22 PM
MM... Food:
Rap Guinesses (Stahhr)

Vaudville Villain:
Open Mic Nite Pt. 1 (Rodan and Louis Logic)

Hell, half the Take Me To Your Leader album didn't have DOOM:
Fastlane (Kurious)
Krazy World (Gigan)
Next Levels (ID4 Windz, John Robinson, Stahhr)
Lockjaw (Trunks)
I Wonder (Hassan Chop)
13103753, Operation Doomsday - "Tick Tick" is all Mf Grimm rapping
Posted by micMajestic, Thu Dec-08-16 06:37 PM
>MM... Food:
>Rap Guinesses (Stahhr)
>Vaudville Villain:
>Open Mic Nite Pt. 1 (Rodan and Louis Logic)
>Hell, half the Take Me To Your Leader album didn't have DOOM:
>Fastlane (Kurious)
>Krazy World (Gigan)
>Next Levels (ID4 Windz, John Robinson, Stahhr)
>Lockjaw (Trunks)
>I Wonder (Hassan Chop)
13103310, Andre 3K on that new Frank Ocean album
Posted by Playa_Politician, Wed Dec-07-16 05:47 PM
not a major album but Majestik Legend had a solo cut on Binary Star's Masters of the Universe album
13103331, edit...
Posted by Playa_Politician, Wed Dec-07-16 06:34 PM
it was Decompoze. Indy 500. good track.

13103319, Hard Knock Life
Posted by go mack, Wed Dec-07-16 06:08 PM
had the Bleek intro song Hand it Down

13104212, RE: Hard Knock Life
Posted by DrunkUncleP, Fri Dec-09-16 06:29 PM
Came to post this. Probably my favorite Bleek joint ever
13103346, Buried Alive (by Kendrick) on Drake's album
Posted by gumz, Wed Dec-07-16 08:25 PM
Doesn't Kendrick have an Ab Soul song on one of his albums too? Either Section 80 or Overly Dedicated
13103522, Yes, but Kendrick had a verse on it....
Posted by Crash85, Thu Dec-08-16 12:50 PM
I think it's called Ab-Soul's outro...
13103950, was just about to post this song
Posted by MiracleRic, Fri Dec-09-16 10:19 AM
13103352, Young Buck - Funeral Music (performed by 50 Cent)
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Wed Dec-07-16 09:01 PM
13103516, Death Row had this a few times, Snoop's intro was Rage
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Thu Dec-08-16 12:42 PM
13103524, Common on Late Registration...
Posted by Crash85, Thu Dec-08-16 12:53 PM
My Way Home... great song...beat...sample...
13103955, Damnit, came to post this.
Posted by TheAlbionist, Fri Dec-09-16 10:23 AM
>My Way Home... great song...beat...sample...

Agreed. Great tune.
13103687, I actually like the Cease only version better
Posted by silenttype, Thu Dec-08-16 04:02 PM
seems more authentic based on the actual lyrics
before they were partially changed to fit Kim's
perspective as a female..

Also- it's not really THAT strange in that they
were from the same crew and it basically makes sense
to feature one of the members as a gateway to a possible
future solo project.
13103690, Dr. Octagon
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Dec-08-16 04:04 PM

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
13103691, Milli Vanilli owns this post BTW
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Dec-08-16 04:05 PM

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
13103830, what?
Posted by Anonymous, Fri Dec-09-16 12:23 AM
13103868, yes, you know it's true
Posted by makaveli, Fri Dec-09-16 06:05 AM
13104326, HA! Well played
Posted by MaxPtah, Sat Dec-10-16 12:00 PM
I see what you did there
13103784, James Blake's "Forward" on Lemonade
Posted by theeraser, Thu Dec-08-16 08:05 PM
13103806, Big Del from da 'Natti.
Posted by The Wordsmith, Thu Dec-08-16 09:57 PM
Talk about a dude who was way off from the spirit of that first Reflection Eternal album.

Since 1976
13104218, They didnt rhyme but Dru Down song Rigged and Nickatina song Ayo.
Posted by normal35762, Fri Dec-09-16 07:04 PM
Explicit Game was Dru's album and Coversation With A Devil for Nickatina.
13104220, Does words from the Nutcracker on Hard To Earn count?
Posted by normal35762, Fri Dec-09-16 07:07 PM
13104284, I found it odd Dre specified those two songs were Jon Connor and The Game
Posted by Nodima, Fri Dec-09-16 11:44 PM
on Compton

just because he didn't rap on them

like nobody came to that album for his rapping until they realized the only novelty of the album was his autobiographical verses and the .Paak/Lamar features

and his voice changed so much you didn't even recognize it was him rapping until you got pretty familiar with the album

so why make a big deal out of these two artists getting songs all to themselves?

"This is the streets, and I am the trap." � Jay Bilas
Hip Hop Handbook: http://tinyurl.com/ll4kzz
13104317, John Mayer's last album inexplicably has a Frank Ocean song on it n/m
Posted by seandammit, Sat Dec-10-16 10:16 AM
13104355, Back story on the Kim-less Crush On You
Posted by ramaj1, Sat Dec-10-16 03:25 PM
Long story short, Kim became pregnant with BIG's child, had a major toss-up between him and Lance "Un" Rivera over keeping it and just disappeared during the end of the Hard Core sessions. "Crush" was one of the last songs ...Kim never got to add her verse since she went ghost. Since the album was to close, she never got a chance to hence why the version on Hard Core is Cease only.
13104362, Ol' Dirty Bastard - Gettin' High
Posted by Nick Has a Problem...Seriously, Sat Dec-10-16 04:09 PM
13104546, Outkast, Funky Ride
Posted by ramaj1, Mon Dec-12-16 10:35 AM