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Topic subjectWWYD?
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13029203, WWYD?
Posted by dapitts08, Wed Jun-01-16 05:01 PM
If you came across this comment in a work doc....

13029218, I'd be more mad that I was evidently the third person reading/editing
Posted by veritas, Wed Jun-01-16 05:42 PM
That godawful moto drivel than I would about the actual comment.

By like, a lot.
13029224, Lol right.
Posted by Cenario, Wed Jun-01-16 06:16 PM
13029410, Somebody just outed their self.
Posted by flipnile, Thu Jun-02-16 08:43 AM
I'd make a mental note of who made the comment.

It's like a dude going out on date, and when he gets his salad he's all "Aye... I told y'all no carrots! Who the fuck even likes these nasty-ass things? Man... fuck carrots!"