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Topic subjectIf it's REALLY tell all, any former president.
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13028091, If it's REALLY tell all, any former president.
Posted by soulfunk, Tue May-31-16 09:02 AM
Of course this isn't possible, but even if they told HALF of the stuff that really went on, and it wasn't slanted to make events look good from their point of view, it would be a better book than anything I can imagine.

All of the behind the scenes politics - some of the fighting within the political parties or within the cabinet that never came out because they wanted to present a united front. Also what are some of the big kickbacks given out as trade-offs for support.

Following the money - who has really paid for what, and what did they get in return for financing. Issues in the media - how stories were leaked, what drama went on to keep things quiet.

Confirmation of some of the conspiracies out there, debunking of others, and new conspiracies that we haven't even heard about because they were so successful in hiding the truth.

Threats that were stopped before they happened, but info wasn't released because of security. The real motivations behind some of the events we know about.

All this would be impossible to come out in a tell all book, but if it did?????