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Topic subjectThen I might be the racist one because they don't seem that different to me
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13026377, Then I might be the racist one because they don't seem that different to me
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed May-25-16 09:36 AM
Like I see a shared "essence" between the rhythmic erotic (by western puritanical standards) dancing of people from all parts of the Diaspora from the Juke joints and strip clubs in the American South, Dancehalls in the Carribean, to the dances you see from remote african tribes.

Don't get me wrong, there is something problematic going on here with this series and this dudes taste in subject matter and doing the job of explaining black exotic life to white audiences, but I think it is hard to deny there is a common thread that he seeks out in all his black subjects that isn't made up.

>to compare two totally different groups of people, far removed
>from each other and somehow see some shared 'essence' between
>them, despite being as culturally disparate as vikings and
>Wisconsin football fans, as someone who is ethnically and
>culturally different, doesn't seem like an issue to you?
>look at these asian medical school students, aren't they like
>look at this white trailer trash, aren't they like the
>rag-covered filth of victorian England?

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