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Topic subjectwhat does making it rain have to do with any of this?
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13026342, what does making it rain have to do with any of this?
Posted by deejboram, Wed May-25-16 08:51 AM
ultimately those
>transactions(stripper/patrons) are almost a DIRECT link to
>systematic racism affecting both sides, along with a healthy
>dose of patriarchy sexualizing women the second they have
>their first period.
>It's a case of people trying to flip their lot in life and
>make it a positive, but lets not act like the fact that lot
>ain't directly because of 'merica's racism.

You guys try to put misogyny and racism on everything

Like how many strippers do yall know or talk to?
Out of the two HUNDRED or so strippers I've talked to none have said they stared stripping because of a racist white man.


Thinkpiece verbal again.
Stop it.
I'm serious, go to a strip club and TALK TO the strippers.

Stripping is big because minimum wage so low and stripping has ZERO necessary educational or skillset needed to make maximum dollars

Stripping is pure people skills aka sales
And looks/body image plays a part SOME times