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Topic subjectRE: Oh really? once again you prove how dense u can be
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13025281, RE: Oh really? once again you prove how dense u can be
Posted by murph71, Mon May-23-16 11:14 AM
>its almost weekly
>you presume so much
>murph too in this case

What am I presuming? lol

I'm merely stating that the OP who kicked off this thread is mixing apples and oranges....

I've seen some lackluster BET Awards shows. But that's because I'm not a huge fan of seeing SOME-NOT-ALL R&B performances being reduced to dancing, lip-synching high school talent show-level exercises..The one thing BET USUALLY gets right though is those tributes. They have knocked them out of the park, more often than not...

As to your girl, I don't care how much time Madonna was given. That was a lackluster performance any way u slice it. Like the homie Jon Bream said on Madge's BB tribute at the Star Tribune (Prince's hometown paper...), "U got the look, not the voice..." (link: http://www.startribune.com/madonna-s-tribute-to-prince-on-billboard-awards-u-got-the-look-not-the-voice/380453241/)

And don't get it twisted......I'm glad that Prince is being acknowledged. And I'm not one of those folks crying about why Madonna was chosen in the first place; I like a lot of her prime shit (P and and ol girl were indeed cool. They dated...And before he died he gave her a private concert....)...My issue is with the tepid song choice, Madonna's at times uneven vocals; and using Stevie on the low as a shield to dodge any criticism...lol..It lacked LIFE....

And yeah, BET will do better.....