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Topic subjectYou can't kill a zombie that's already dead.
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13007702, You can't kill a zombie that's already dead.
Posted by Atillah Moor, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
We're all familiar with the pattern. How long will the fun last?

Poll question: You can't kill a zombie that's already dead.

Poll result (4 votes)
I give him 12hrs tops (0 votes)Vote
He'll do his best Kiefer Sutherland impression -- 24 hrs (1 votes)Vote
3 days no more no less (1 votes)Vote
A week of wild and crazy posting is all we have to look forward to (1 votes)Vote
a month or more (fingers crossed) (1 votes)Vote
COB today (0 votes)Vote


13007711, ha. im back, baby!
Posted by Kwesi, Wed Apr-20-16 09:49 AM
so much to type.

only two posts per day :-/
13007719, I give it two weeks.
Posted by MEAT, Wed Apr-20-16 09:51 AM
13007713, and i thought this was a Walking Dead post...
Posted by BigJazz, Wed Apr-20-16 09:50 AM

I'm tryna be better off, not better than...