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Topic subjectI'd never say "failure"
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13007645, I'd never say "failure"
Posted by TheAlbionist, Wed Apr-20-16 08:55 AM
She does everything I need of her and more... she's a wonderful partner, a hard worker and a pleasure to have around - I actually love having the responsibility for cooking/DIYing as I'm definitely the one of us that's more geared to be "homemaker" - if all her efforts come off and she leapfrogs me in the earning stakes, I'd have no problem playing second on the earning and staying home to look after kids or whatever. My career's been steadily moving along since I was 18, but will probably top out somewhere shy of being "rich" (I scrape 6 figures working for blue chips/banks but not sure I've got much more rising to do), but her plans mainly involve ultra-high earning from her own business ventures - IMHO she's better chasing that than learning to make pastry!

The day her salary overtakes mine (which I have no doubt it will) will be glorious INDEED!