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Topic subjectsome not so funny shit:
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13007065, some not so funny shit:
Posted by BigJazz, Tue Apr-19-16 11:39 AM
one day we're sitting in the crib and the lights go out.

all of them

so my wife's smart ass says "let's see you Google how to fix it".

no lights... no electricity...no laptop...no Google.

we had joked about it alot: i can't naturally fix a whole lot but i'm a "i'll figure it out" typa dude. and the internet is a big part of my figuring process. i got other resources but the internet has shown me how to fix alotta shit.


sometimes you gotta know how to do the shit.

if i woke up in the middle of The Walking Dead, would i know how to make a water filter?

I'm tryna be better off, not better than...