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Topic subjectMy girl is constantly AMAZED
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13006955, My girl is constantly AMAZED
Posted by TheAlbionist, Tue Apr-19-16 10:27 AM
I don't know what her parents were doing tbh, but she looks at me doing stuff around the house sometimes with the "WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO DO THIS?" expression.

Put up a wall full of shelves at the weekend, all nice and flush with each other, no swearing involved... easiest job in the world... it was like I'd just made the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of her eyes. I always hear my Dad's voice when I'm doing DIY - usually his advice that "A job may be possible without, but will be 10 times easier with the correct tool" whenever I open the toolbox.

Same goes for cooking... I wasn't allowed to leave home without being able to cook a meal for the entire family - nobody even taught her how to boil a fucking egg before she went to college, so she gets herself into a state anytime she has to do even the simplest tasks in the kitchen.

Other people's parents were really weird.