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Topic subjecthonestly a lot of things i learned on my own
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13006934, honestly a lot of things i learned on my own
Posted by StephBMore, Tue Apr-19-16 09:56 AM
my grandma taught me about cooking, cleaning, gardening, and sewing. I can do all of these things if necessary. I'm actually really good at gardening, but I don't ever really have that opportunity to do it.

money things I learned on my own.

car things I learned from my uncles and older cousins BUT i learned to drive at school (driver's ed class).

shopping was always "get the cheapest thing. pick the best looking fruit/veggies. best looking meat under this price." which is pretty much how i shop now.

but i try to teach my younger cousins and nieces things now so that they will now. the financial things and school are the most important things.