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Topic subjecti've had access to alot of information. some i took, alot i didn't
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13006928, i've had access to alot of information. some i took, alot i didn't
Posted by BigJazz, Tue Apr-19-16 09:49 AM
>saw a father teaching his son the art of grocery shopping the
>other day and i couldn't help but smile. he walked each isle,
>quizzing his son on everything from expiration dates to
>knowing the difference between items "on sale" vs a good deal.

this is me now. i've taught all my kids how to shop and how money works.

>who taught you how to drive? change a tire? oil change?

i took driver's ed in school but my practice was with my father. he drove a cadillac so he figured if i learned to drive that big ass car i could drive anything. he also taught me how to change a tire and check the oil and other fluid levels.

him & my uncles tried to teach me how to fix cars. my pops knew alot and i had uncles who were master mechanics. they could take a car apart and put it back together.

i showed zero interest in learning. all i wanted to know was how to drive it and i wanted to know how it worked so that if i ever got stranded and it was something simple, i could get it going and get home. i paid $9.99 for my first oil change back in 1989. i had a coupon for either jiffy lube or precision tune. why change it myself when i could pay them to do it? my pops hated that logic but i embraced it.
>who taught you how to sew? how to use power tools?

i learned sewing & shop stuff in school. then got better when my mother tried to teach me more sewing stuff at home and my father & uncles tried to show me home improvement. i had plumbers, electricians, and carpenters right there in front of me. and they were dying to teach me. again, i showed zero interest.

i regret not learning what they tried to teach me.

>more importantly, what skills are you passing on to the next

no doubt. i teach my kids money management, healthy living, and how to set yourself up to be independent and evolve in an ever-changing world. as far as fixing shit, i teach them how to use their resources. i can't naturally fix shit but i'm kinda smart and very determined so between Google and youtube, most basic things can be figured out. and i've gone with my son to home depot and struck up a conversation with a worker there and got the tips i needed to come back home and fix my sink.

I'm tryna be better off, not better than...