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12957377, RE: keep growin'...
Posted by Heinz, Thu Jan-14-16 08:28 PM
>..i like the approach you've taken with your artist.
>*flashlight is an incredible effort. i know its early, but
>there's a lot of promise/potential.

Thanks man I really appreciate the love. Definitely worked super hard on getting this together and developing them and i think we are only at 40% of our potential right now. Can't wait to see whats ahead for them

>can we get a bit more info on wilde and their origins/path?

Well I've known Brandon (white dude) since 9th grade and he was always in music and in different bands. I met Giselle through her twin sister when we traveled to BK on a group trip years ago. She showed me her sisters music and I was blown away at the potential. This was around the time she was starting to find herself personally and musically. She started out at The Remix Project recording with 40, but doing R&B stuff. She got older and realized that wasn't really her thing, she was more indie, folk, electropop. So when I first heard her music it was when she was doing folk music and it was really good. Her band sucked but I saw the potential so i Just kept that mental note that when the chance was right that I would work with her. Finally got the chance when that band broke up and I told her to come thru to Brandon's studio to try some stuff. This is when I started to put the band together. Brandon was already work with Nyra who used to write and produce under Cirkut's (Dr Luke producer) studio out here. But after that fell thru he was starting to work with Brandon. Brandon brought him thru to try some stuff out and it started to come together. I went from making it a solo project to a band real quick, mostly because that solo female game is too hard. A band of this dynamic wasn't out there and I knew how to make it more than just a cool new indie band. So thats basically how it happened.

A lot of the recording happened in the same house Brandons mom was suffering from cancer. Thats a huge reason why I'm putting so much energy into this, not only do I believe in the ceiling of this band more than anything i've ever worked on, I didnt want the time away from his mom being a waste. I mean it was good for him regardless to be able to escape from his reality or what was going on two floors up cause it just kept him busy. But this shit has so much potential. I honestly believe it can be a game changer with the right exposure and the more development.

>please continue updating us so we can continue to supporting
>their efforts.

Definitely. I'm not stopping till we are on the Tonight Show having ?uest and them playing with us. Super hungry.