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Topic subject How come WWE doesn't do WOMEN'S wrestling like this?
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12951233, How come WWE doesn't do WOMEN'S wrestling like this?
Posted by Cave Dweller, Mon Jan-04-16 03:22 PM


^^^These chicks know how to kick some serious fake/scripted ass.

Those Diva b*****s are nothing but glorified models.
12951237, RE: How come WWE doesn't do WOMEN'S wrestling like this?
Posted by murph71, Mon Jan-04-16 03:25 PM

They easily could...Sasha Banks is a beast...But they wont let her ride for some reason....
12951314, Watch both Sasha Banks vs Bailey matches from last year and get back to me
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Jan-04-16 04:59 PM
NXT is free from the evil clutches of Vince's inner 10 year old boy, but it's still a wwe product and they tend to let their women cook. Anyhow Banks and Bailey put on two of the absolute best matches in all of wrestling last year.
12951410, ^^^
Posted by stankpalmer, Mon Jan-04-16 09:30 PM
12951424, Do Japanese wrestlers die young like their US counterparts?
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-04-16 10:32 PM
Because those spots were vicious.
neck, brain, back injuries... addiction to pain-killers and other drugs... Does that shit hit the Japanese wrestlers like it does ours?
12951431, they do. watch NXT.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Jan-04-16 10:42 PM
12951459, Back in the late '80s, the Jumpimg Bomb Angels were probably...
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jan-05-16 01:13 AM
...the best workers in the WWF. They were doing shit no one in the company were able to do.
12951469, It's been said, but check NXT. It's coming.
Posted by TheAlbionist, Tue Jan-05-16 04:44 AM
Start with:

Charlotte/Sasha/Becky/Bayley - NXT Takeover Rival
Sasha/Becky - NXT Takeover Unstoppable
Sasha/Bayley - NXT Takeover Brooklyn
Bayley/Sasha - NXT Takeover Respect

The main product is yelling about a Diva's Revolution but hasn't quite pulled the trigger on the new girls they've brought up... but add the talent to make those matches with the early promise that Asuka and Nia Jax have shown and things are looking pretty healthy for the next couple of years.

With Sasha looking like the genuine first star of the "Revolution" and tweeting subliminals about the "Womens Title" there is hope that we might not be forced to see the word "Diva" for too much longer.