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Topic subjectOKP, why didn't yall tell me Fargo is the best thing on TV in ages?
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12948862, OKP, why didn't yall tell me Fargo is the best thing on TV in ages?
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Sun Dec-27-15 02:01 PM
Seriously, though. I depend on y'all keeping me up with what's good in art and pop culture.

I mean y'all were kind of talking about it in that Leftovers post, but that was a post about the Leftovers which was too boring to click on (which is why I only found talk of Fargo when I searched for talk of Fargo).

I only watched the second season so far but it is really really really good. It's good like the way yall talk about 'Breaking Bad' was suppose to be which I found underwhelming (given the hype) and never got around to finishing.

First time in my life I found myself saying "I need more scenes with Bokeem Woodbine".

Not a single wasted scene or even word of dialogue. Yet works on an expansive scale touching on themes and subjects as diverse as Reaganism (draws a direct line from Reagan to Trump), Feminine Mystique, Capitalism (I mean Kansas City was Wal-Mart right?), the militarization of local police departments and the long term corroding effect of racism.

Just great in every way. Perfect Cast. Perfect Dialogue. Perfect Music. A perfect season.

To the neglect of my children, my wife and I just watched 10 hours of a show in 2 days which we haven't done since maybe the first couple of seasons of Lost.

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