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12915096, RE: WHAT?!?!?!
Posted by j0510, Thu Oct-22-15 12:42 PM
>about one of the Pro-Life protestors:
>"According to media accounts from the time, Schumacher beat
>and raped the woman in 2010, then tied her to a toddler bed
>with electrical tape and menaced her with a knife, making
>gestures as though he intended to slit her throat. After about
>two hours, the woman was able to free herself and run for
>help. Court records show Schumacher was convicted of gross
>sexual imposition, felonius restraint, and two counts of
>terrorizing his victim. He served a little less than one year
>in jail and remained on probation for the next five."
>but he wants protection for the innocent...

^^^Right. The counter protester is a jackass too, but the troll job is well done when just a little digging is done into the past of the pro-life protester.