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Topic subjectWhen Black rappers sound white (A Kyle Thread)
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12907954, When Black rappers sound white (A Kyle Thread)
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Oct-06-15 07:22 PM
Typically, I don't like such phrasing but are ya'll familiar with this guy Kyle?


I don't know too much about him. Except that he HAS to be from California from the way he talks. Funny thing is... I don't hate it. I don't know if I like it. But don't hate it.

This should be entertaining.

12907956, NOPE!
Posted by Big Kuntry, Tue Oct-06-15 07:37 PM
12907973, RE: When Black rappers sound white (A Kyle Thread)
Posted by Slugger_Onions, Tue Oct-06-15 08:54 PM
look like allen payne
12907975, i am familiar with him. been a fan for a minute.
Posted by PROMO, Tue Oct-06-15 09:15 PM
i really enjoy him. i don't think he sounds white, but he definitely sounds nerdy and that's what works for him in my opinion. he's not out here trying to do what anyone else is doing...at least not right now that sticks out in the front of my mind.

his shit is fun to me, and fun is definitely missing from music these days.

don't wanna fall in love and raining love are my joints:


12907979, cornball been around for a minute.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Oct-06-15 09:24 PM
12907983, Lol he's from Ventura. Like not even the Suburbs
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Tue Oct-06-15 09:37 PM
But the burbs of the burbs
12908063, I remember there being a post about two dudes fighting
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Oct-07-15 08:26 AM
I think you said they were from Ventura too.
Black folks that talk like surfers.
That shit never ceases to trip me out.
12907988, He doesn't sound white to me
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Tue Oct-06-15 09:52 PM
12908299, C'mon now. Listen to the first 4 words of the song.
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Oct-07-15 01:02 PM
"Yo. What's the deal"
Close your eyes and listen.
You'd think that was a Black man?
12908017, Easy E always kinda sounded 'white' to me.
Posted by denny, Wed Oct-07-15 01:13 AM
Always ahead of the beat.
12908220, Yeah I remember thinking the same
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Oct-07-15 11:11 AM
Again, I've largely done away with saying things like a black person "talks white." But I remember thinking that about Easy. I've also been curious about how I sound to people over the phone or whatever. If my race is evident. My girl says it's very evident. lol
12908304, I didn't mean his accent though.
Posted by denny, Wed Oct-07-15 01:25 PM
Moreso his lack of rhythm and timing.
12908224, drake?
Posted by double negative, Wed Oct-07-15 11:12 AM
12908228, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS8x4I0rM1o
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Wed Oct-07-15 11:22 AM
12908233, *shudders* that was rough
Posted by double negative, Wed Oct-07-15 11:31 AM
12908237, LMAO
Posted by DaKidFromHaiti, Wed Oct-07-15 11:37 AM
12908294, Yikes
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Oct-07-15 12:57 PM
smh Aubrey smdh.
12908243, I liked his verse on Wanna Be Cool off the Surf joint.
Posted by no_i_cant_dance, Wed Oct-07-15 11:51 AM
This is not for me tho lol.
12908248, I feel that.
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Oct-07-15 12:06 PM
That verse off Wanna Be Cool was my introduction to Kyle. And I liked that verse. It was corny, yes. But his whole thing is kinda embracing his corniness and it kinda works.

I'm not saying you or anyone should like this dude. Hell I dunno if I like him, but his music is kinda fun. Check those links PROMO posted and RWQ to my original post and there's another link.

12908247, Bay Area rappers always sounded white to me
Posted by John Forte, Wed Oct-07-15 12:06 PM
Too $hort, Souls of Mischief, E40 all wounded white to me
12908297, I disagree with this.
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Oct-07-15 12:58 PM
They clearly have a "different" accent but I could always tell they were funny talkin black guys.
12908301, E-40 sounds White??????
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Wed Oct-07-15 01:10 PM
12908409, most black folks from Cali "sound white" to blacks from other places...
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Oct-07-15 04:07 PM
especially the south, I'm sure you heard that at FAMU, lol
12908274, damn, i was ready to be contrary
Posted by MiracleRic, Wed Oct-07-15 12:35 PM
but really really yeah...he sounds ambiguous as hell which typically translates t white (and sometimes mixed)

but it sounds like most of it is done intentionally...ol school valley girl accent
12908298, It's a surfer accent though right?
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Oct-07-15 01:00 PM
That's the male equivalent to the valley girl thing, or nah?
lol at your "really really yeah" placement.