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Topic subjectTuesday Fun Post: Neologisms
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12907642, Tuesday Fun Post: Neologisms
Posted by Damali, Tue Oct-06-15 12:09 PM
The Washington Post has a contest every year where they ask people to come up with new, clever meanings to common words. So reply with the word in the subject line and the meaning in the body of your reply. others can reply with alternate meanings under the same word, if they want

Here are a few of the ones WaPo chose so you can see how it works:

Coffee - the person on which one coughs
Willy-nilly - impotent
Balderdash - a rapidly receding hairline
abdicate - to give up all hope of a flat stomach
flabbergasted - appalled over how much weight you have gained
flatulence - emergency vehicle that picks you up after you have been run over by a steamroller
Esplanade - to attempt an explanation while drunk

ok go!


12907995, you guys are so freaking boring.
Posted by Damali, Tue Oct-06-15 11:01 PM
12908062, GOAST
Posted by TheAlbionist, Wed Oct-07-15 08:26 AM
When you make a post you expect the board to jump on, but return to crickets.
12908196, wrong but lol
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Wed Oct-07-15 10:52 AM
12908102, Niggardly - Acting like a... oh, wait... that's not very clever
Posted by flipnile, Wed Oct-07-15 09:11 AM