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Topic subjectAre yall up on patreon?
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12850372, Are yall up on patreon?
Posted by dapitts08, Fri Jul-10-15 09:52 AM
I know there are some folks here that are podcasters, comics, writers, bloggers, etc....I am seeing it pop up more and more as a way to support.

I pledged support for one of my favorite youtubers.

If you have a platform that you are trying to monetize you should check it out

12850454, At least 3 of the podcasts I listen to are using it.
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Jul-10-15 11:07 AM
All of their rewards are extra podcasts though, and I'm losing time to listen to the original ones.
12850457, Yeah, I make a good $35 a month from it!
Posted by Monkey Genius, Fri Jul-10-15 11:10 AM