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Topic subjectPhuck that. You walk past me I'm looking. In this day and
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12834620, Phuck that. You walk past me I'm looking. In this day and
Posted by Fishgrease, Fri Jun-19-15 08:35 AM
age, you'd be a fool not to.
Muhphuckas shootin and stabbin' folks at work and what not. I'm at work to protect one thing---and thats me.

If you don't want me to be mindful of who is walking passed me or up on me--then go another phuckin' way.

Ain't no one trying to be sexual, what I am is being cognizant of my surroundings. I've been at my desk so long that I can tell who is approaching based on the sound of their walk---if it's a sound i don't recongnize, I'll stop what I'm doing, turn around and watch them pass. You're not walkin' pass me or up on me and I got my back turned to the computer screen. It only takes a muhphucka to have one bad day, one bad meeting to take their frustration out on everyone...

I' m trying not to be included in that everyone.