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Topic subjectyou know how when you work in a cubicle ... do you touch your co-workers?
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12834613, you know how when you work in a cubicle ... do you touch your co-workers?
Posted by Deadzombie, Fri Jun-19-15 08:28 AM
ok the cube.

you know in cubes there sometimes traffic in your peripheral?

it kinda gives you the urge to look as every person passes, right? maybe, right.

so there's a black man, (a well dressed temp, even) that sits in one of those cubes, and the cube just so happens to sit outside of a little white woman's office. in plain sight.

yesterday the black man comes by my office kinda sorta shaken.

he'd explained that the white woman, who often has loud friends that stand and chat outside of her office, approached him that morning.

he went on to say that she greeted him with an arm around his shoulder (he's seated at his desk) and says 'hey Curt, I notice you always look when someone passes ...'
he responds in his best white voice, 'oh, I'm sorry - I didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable. you know, I just have a habit of bla bla bla. ill be sure to make sure I don't do that; or something like that'

she says back to him, 'good, I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression or anything ...'


it took me a while to take the whole situation in, but at the end of that process i couldn't stand that woman's guts.

and I'm still not sure what the 'wrong impression is.'

i will also admit that I think dude really is one of the bug-eyed kinda guys. not grossly or nothing but you know how buggy-er eyes are a feature?

some shit like this: https://ioneblackamericaweb.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/featuredfoto1946-gregory-hines-bornthisdaybhm.jpg

and he is kind of a lookin-ass nigga. but not in a sexual way. more of a, I'm a temp and I'm scared for my job-life, type of way.

is this grounds for the big talk about sexual harassment?

did the touch send mixed messages?

do you touch your co workers?