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Topic subjectI don't iron linen shirts.....am I wrong??
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12818099, I don't iron linen shirts.....am I wrong??
Posted by FLUIDJ, Sat May-30-15 01:27 PM
12818100, I do
Posted by John Forte, Sat May-30-15 01:28 PM
12818104, are you wrong? my stance has evolved to......linen wants to be
Posted by FLUIDJ, Sat May-30-15 01:38 PM
wrinkled....and that's a quality that should maybe be honored, not oppressed.
It's almost the beauty of the fabric IMO....
Also....I only own casual lightweight linen shirts....not heavier weight ones....

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12818107, I don't as long as the sleeves don't get twisted on the wash
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sat May-30-15 02:14 PM
then that shit just looks raggedy.
12818148, well I do not buy all linen anything because
Posted by sosumi, Sat May-30-15 06:15 PM
ironing is hopeless, dry cleaning is a waste...
12818162, Not if you're going for the dirty unwashed hippie look...
Posted by ndibs, Sat May-30-15 08:45 PM
I mean ppl don't give a fuck about clothing in 2015. We consume 2x as much as we did even 20 years ago because it's so cheap it's designed to become disposable crap. Lots of people don't even own irons. So yeah it's wrong but nobody cares. If you're not wearing a $5 tshirt from old navy on the weekend you're probably ahead of the game.
12818165, Rich wrinkles they used to call it back in the day
Posted by neuro_OSX, Sat May-30-15 09:41 PM
I usually iron my linen shirts a bit to knock out the hard wrinkles. A good hot iron with proper steam will knock out the soft wrinkles. Also using spray starch or spray sizing helps as well.

The more you wash linen the softer it gets, wrinkles less... If your garment can be washed, some items might shrink. I make my own linen shirts so I prewash the fabric to prevent shrinkage.
12818260, I used to...but now i'm just embracing them....I view linen as a super
Posted by FLUIDJ, Sun May-31-15 12:41 PM
casual fabric anyways.....
I'm not talking balled up, stuffed in the corner for 2 months wrinkled....

I'm talking fresh washed, line dried or low heat dried, fresh out, wrinkled....

I'm very interested in these shirts you make for yourself though....you got pics?? Is it hard?
I want a linen daishiki....
12818174, in a word...
Posted by bnicedh, Sat May-30-15 10:55 PM
12818176, Ga damn nigga you about to go on a Tom Joyner Cruise?!
Posted by Big Kuntry, Sat May-30-15 11:20 PM
12818210, That nigga still wearing linen mama - Drake
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun May-31-15 08:27 AM
12818371, I'm from Detroit and I'm 40
Posted by DaHeathenOne76, Sun May-31-15 08:59 PM
aka Damm right I iron it. LOL

I got a new dress fresh from the cleaners I'm waiting to
12818792, LOL i'm 41 and the opposite
Posted by lfresh, Mon Jun-01-15 11:47 AM
i have to search for the iron when folks stay over and ask
i no longer have an ironing board

no to the iron
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12818895, ^^^ still got silk shirts and colored Levi's in weekly rotation
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Mon Jun-01-15 12:30 PM
Bet you got a nanny goat you rock in the winter too.
12818474, i don't iron period
Posted by L_O_Quent, Mon Jun-01-15 06:06 AM
All iron-free Brooks Brother's shirts and amy pants are the same
12818497, well...
Posted by neuro_OSX, Mon Jun-01-15 07:27 AM
So you droppin $40 to $80 bucks per shirt? Shirts coated in formaldehyde resin to give them that magical wrinkle free look. Possible cancer connection to that chemical, watch ya back.

12818500, nope Brooks Brothers and I are fam
Posted by L_O_Quent, Mon Jun-01-15 07:43 AM
never even thought about what they put in it to keep it so fresh but will check on that, thanks for the heads up
12818507, RE: nope Brooks Brothers and I are fam
Posted by neuro_OSX, Mon Jun-01-15 08:00 AM
yea its some funky stuff fa show...
12818856, Yes and no.
Posted by spades, Mon Jun-01-15 12:17 PM
They really DO need to be ironed. That being said, they only gon stay crisp for like 4.5 minutes anyway.

*waves hand*

your call.