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Topic subjectI thought it was perfect.
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12811075, I thought it was perfect.
Posted by stravinskian, Thu May-21-15 08:12 AM

I posted my thoughts in the PTP thread.

Carson's finale was also basically a clip show, if I remember right. I think it's impossible to find any one thing to do that could live up to the expectations, so kind of a losing proposition even to try.

But the behind the scenes video was revelatory. The old clips were some of the funniest things they ever did. The thank you's were touching. The top ten list was funny.

And all those super short clips and stills at the end. Pretty much every one brought back a legitimately great memory. And they just kept coming, more and more and more.

He went out with the same kind of humility and dignity that he's always had. I almost feel guilty for feeling so satisfied with it.