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Topic subjectyou become a celebrity and people attack you on social media
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12810300, you become a celebrity and people attack you on social media
Posted by BigJazz, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
how would you carry it?

Poll question: you become a celebrity and people attack you on social media

Poll result (14 votes)
i'd be too wrapped up in my celebrity world to care about 'fans' poppin shit (9 votes)Vote
i'm clapping back.maybe not to everybody but often enough to let em know how i do (5 votes)Vote


12810304, at first i'd address them all. and then someone will tell me how silly im
Posted by Deadzombie, Wed May-20-15 12:35 PM

but at first, i think my natural response would be to clap back.

and that would become exhausting and old. very fast.
12810305, Do I have a Navy or Hive?
Posted by John Forte, Wed May-20-15 12:36 PM
12810313, Where is my social media manager?
Posted by blackrussian, Wed May-20-15 12:39 PM
12810334, I'd be too busy on my Above It All Express to respond directly.
Posted by ChiBrownSkinLady, Wed May-20-15 12:48 PM
If I'm feeling particularly petty/sensitive, I might make an oblique reference. But I doubt I'd change much if I were a celebrity, so I'd prolly deal with it like I deal with anything else in my life and not drag myself down to their level and keep on living my life.
12810341, The secret is to respond with a walk off.
Posted by CaptNish, Wed May-20-15 12:50 PM
It's only embarrassing when people get in the trenches with their haters and go off on a multitweet attack. Hit em with a snarky 140 and K.I.M.
12810344, wtf i look like worrying about chickens clucking on twitter?
Posted by SoWhat, Wed May-20-15 12:52 PM
12810349, i'll always applaud bey and jay for keeping their cool and not
Posted by Big Kuntry, Wed May-20-15 12:54 PM
going back at folks when they were goin in on their daughter.

talk bout me as much as you'd like, talk bout my baby and that choppa gonna sing.
12810390, oi oi
Posted by blackrussian, Wed May-20-15 01:12 PM
where've you been?
12810350, monetize your own personal version of mean tweets
Posted by Selah, Wed May-20-15 12:54 PM
of course then folks would intentionally start saying wilder stuff to get you to read it, but as long as you got paid (more) off it

12810887, this is lovely
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Wed May-20-15 08:36 PM
12810351, fuel their rage to keep my social media popping
Posted by initiationofplato, Wed May-20-15 12:56 PM
12810362, I simply wouldn't have social media.
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Wed May-20-15 01:02 PM
Folks don't need to know my personal biz like that or have that level of access to me.


"Where was the peace when we were getting shot? Where's the peace when we were getting laid out?
Where is the peace when we are in the back of ambulances? Where is the peace then?
They don't want to call for peace then.
12810378, ^^ that.
Posted by SoWhat, Wed May-20-15 01:07 PM
12810407, Yea you would, but it's best to let the Publicist run it
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Wed May-20-15 01:21 PM
A lot of folks will just have the bullshit Tweets about their new album, thanks for coming to concerts, etc etc....that's all you need. But you HAVE TO have it in this decade.
12810606, naw, I wouldn't.
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Wed May-20-15 03:02 PM
Just like I don't now.

Plenty of A-List celebs don't have social media accounts for the very reason I've stated: They don't believe anyone needs that level of accessibility.


"Where was the peace when we were getting shot? Where's the peace when we were getting laid out?
Where is the peace when we are in the back of ambulances? Where is the peace then?
They don't want to call for peace then.
12810614, i wouldn't either.
Posted by SoWhat, Wed May-20-15 03:07 PM
plenty celebs do just fine w/o being on Twitter.
12810374, Alot of celebrities aren't like regular people though.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed May-20-15 01:06 PM
Especially actors and comedians. I find those groups have this need to be loved by everyone or at least approved by them that they go out of there way to address any and every criticism that is leveled at them.

It takes a very special person who sets as their goal to be loved and adored by as many people as possible.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"One of the most important things in life is what Judge Learned Hand described as 'that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you're
12810382, It depends on how involved your road to celebrity status was..
Posted by The3rdOne, Wed May-20-15 01:08 PM
if you WORKED to get were you are, then you had the 'no fucks given' tools from the jump.

if you overnight, then you more prone to go in
12810393, Something in between but closer to red
Posted by Cenario, Wed May-20-15 01:12 PM
Alot of it would depend on my level of celebrity though. If I was a C-Lister I would be more likely to do it. If i'm an A lister, it wouldn't even be on my radar.
12810399, I wouldn't use social media if I were a celeb
Posted by TheStandard, Wed May-20-15 01:17 PM
I'd have someone run it or I'd be like Al Haymon who didn't even like having his pictures on the internet
12810430, too busy with career etc to even be lookin at social media
Posted by rdhull, Wed May-20-15 01:30 PM
12810891, i'd be clowning the shit out of people.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed May-20-15 08:48 PM
12810899, Antagonize them more and make them follow my moves.
Posted by Kira, Wed May-20-15 09:13 PM
Start a youtube channel to stunt on them and have them comment 10 million times. People get paid off comments so I'd be rich off their comments.
12810998, #8
Posted by Selah, Thu May-21-15 01:28 AM
12810997, go all Jay and Silent Bob on mugfuckers
Posted by J_Stew, Thu May-21-15 01:24 AM
12811009, lmao i literally pictured the ending of that movie
Posted by Heinz, Thu May-21-15 02:28 AM


TWITTER : Heinz21st

IG : H_N_Z
12811029, I would take great joy in vivisecting their ass, one by one
Posted by Binlahab, Thu May-21-15 06:33 AM
Just as I do now with my fans

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
12811037, i'd just use clandestine protected accounts under an alias
Posted by philpot, Thu May-21-15 06:54 AM
and have my employees handle official accounts
12811080, Id respond with selfies of me eating food nd other happy activities.
Posted by Brotha Sun, Thu May-21-15 08:15 AM
Not even on some stunting shit...just to let them know "hey, I see you. I acknowledge you. This pancake is more important tho"