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Topic subjectYou're afraid to bleed
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12776069, You're afraid to bleed
Posted by OrangeMoon, Thu Apr-09-15 12:50 AM
You're afraid to bleed

You're afraid to leave

You're afraid to lead

All I wanna do is take the chains off
All I wanna do is be free.

Tired of feeling hopeless
Tired of feeling helpless

All I wanna do is be free.

But I'm afraid to lead.

Because I'm afraid to bleed

And I'm afraid to leave.

After killing number 888 of Black man or woman or child every Black person in America heard:

"All I wanna do is take the chains off, all I wanna do is be free. But I'm afraid to bleed, so I'm afraid to lead and afraid to leave."

It was like one of those sounds that only dogs can hear but for Black people.

And instantly, we each got up, didn't bother to pack our stuff, we got our kids and our families together. We marched, we drove, we flew to our nearest ocean coast where we found it.
The new BLACKSTAR ocean liner cruise ships, equipped to house us and take us all to a chain of uninhabited Bahamian islands. There we organized united and with one common goal.

To take the chains off.

To be free.

How does this end?