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Topic subjectCaribbean/African Parents at PTA Meetings [VIDEO]
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12772175, Caribbean/African Parents at PTA Meetings [VIDEO]
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Sat Apr-04-15 08:01 PM
12772274, majah hype is a genius.
Posted by SHAstayhighalways, Sun Apr-05-15 08:34 AM
12772279, outstanding!!! he has earned himself a follow
Posted by IceburgSmurf, Sun Apr-05-15 08:57 AM
12772294, Dude is a genius for mastering those accents
Posted by dafriquan, Sun Apr-05-15 09:31 AM
... and stereotypes

His Guyanese accent kills me.
It reminds me of a guy went to school with.
12772299, it always floors me how on point his haitian impression is
Posted by SHAstayhighalways, Sun Apr-05-15 10:14 AM
not just the accent but the attitude. every single time. that shit is brilliant.

for someone who is not haitian to catch all those nuances is crazy to me.
12772298, talent
Posted by Roadblock, Sun Apr-05-15 09:51 AM
12772415, dude is super talented!
Posted by Allah, Sun Apr-05-15 04:50 PM
12772430, You telling me what I can do with my son?
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Sun Apr-05-15 05:27 PM
12772440, fun but I thought it would be a group pta
Posted by sosumi, Sun Apr-05-15 05:42 PM
meeting not more of a parent teacher conference

because I have witnessed accented parents be pushy
in those meetings...

like this afterschool program manager
gave a presentation then was grilled by the
accented parents, finally one mother was like:
and what your creditials?
manager looked confused
where you fin school?
manager says Univ of Chicago
fo wha?
manager says neuroscience
whole room goes ooooooooh
no more questions of anyone...
12772536, Yoooooooo . . . . LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Mon Apr-06-15 12:33 AM

With growing up and going to school in Bed Stuy/Flatbush/Crown Heights, these joints are lil too close to home, lol.

12772543, RE: Caribbean/African Parents at PTA Meetings [VIDEO]
Posted by imperial, Mon Apr-06-15 02:10 AM
yo the timing of that: "He lying" kills me every time. and

Oh you have frhend, you come to school to get frhend?
miserable niggas yo
cant let nobody have nothing
"god save the queen pip pip cheerio tea time princess di" ass niggas (c)white desus
12772560, Heyyy-- I know you want to change. lol!
Posted by Atillah Moor, Mon Apr-06-15 06:57 AM
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Tue Apr-07-15 12:41 AM
12773596, Grandparents
Posted by neuro_OSX, Tue Apr-07-15 06:46 AM
This guy is brilliant...


12773630, 'cunt cream'
Posted by SoWhat, Tue Apr-07-15 08:19 AM
12773628, Dude keeps me laughing. He found an amazing niche.
Posted by Castro, Tue Apr-07-15 08:14 AM
12774576, his bajan and jamaican accents are on point..lol
Posted by Seven, Tue Apr-07-15 05:21 PM
12774860, amazing.
Posted by guru0509, Wed Apr-08-15 01:57 AM
12776048, loooooooool . . . his delivery is amazing
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Wed Apr-08-15 11:08 PM
12776050, lol...man, I been watching these for damn near an hour...
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Apr-08-15 11:19 PM
the one about borrowing money from your father is fuckin hilarious.
12776096, The marriage counseling joint and all of the Dis Rass joints are the best
Posted by Castro, Thu Apr-09-15 01:55 AM