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Topic subjectpositive friday
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12771621, positive friday
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Apr-03-15 12:23 PM
dedicated to kenya

this was an odd week. like a damn roller coaster ride!

+ got a good workout in on sunday and yesterday. i wanted to go at least 3 times this week but i just got busy. i'm sore as shit today but i'm happy about it. i'm officially at my goal weight, but i think i want to go lose an additional 5 lbs so i have that extra cushion in case i get greedy, lol. i can't believe i'm at 150 lbs again. i honestly don't feel like it.

+ i found out that i'll be in a big show in oslo next january. i'm pretty geeked. i hope i can go, and i hope i can take the fam. it's my first show in europe.

+ and i got my poster from blackrussian :-)

+ hiccups in the studio but i was able to make a really good clean mold and i was really proud of that. i'm also making bigger steps with these cyanotypes. i won't have to reprint as much stuff as i originally thought. i had a set back with the film so i'll have to do everything by hand. it will be cheaper but much more labor intensive.

+ my friend is in town for a residency and i linked up with her at the el anatsui exhibit. omg, that show is amazing. he IS the artist i want to be. he work is beautiful and elegant and minimal. it's everything i want my work to be. as stupid as this sounds i almost cried seeing the work. absolutely amazing!

hopefully i can get some work done this weekend, clean and link up with my friend.

have a great weekend.