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Topic subjectMan Pleads Guilty To Ejaculating Into Co-Worker’s Coffee
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12771204, Man Pleads Guilty To Ejaculating Into Co-Worker’s Coffee
Posted by neuro_OSX, Fri Apr-03-15 05:41 AM
Ummmm a misdemeaner ? If he had been infected with something she could have caught it.. da fuck!

12771209, guess that's why it's called a 'gross' misdemeanor
Posted by Atillah Moor, Fri Apr-03-15 06:38 AM
Sex offense should be the charge. That shit is foul and he'd been doing it for a minute too.
12771210, Misdemeanor? He got off easy...
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Fri Apr-03-15 06:46 AM
12771326, ^ He got off easy...
Posted by infin8, Fri Apr-03-15 10:04 AM

nah but for real...thass nasty.
12771218, Should have been a felony
Posted by lfresh, Fri Apr-03-15 07:27 AM

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12771336, at a minimum a public bukakke-ing (I ain't googling how to spell that shit)
Posted by placee_22, Fri Apr-03-15 10:14 AM
I say at least 10 dudes for every time he bust in her coffee.

It's beyond foul.
12771223, ongoing issue?
Posted by Cenario, Fri Apr-03-15 07:42 AM
>She said her coffee smelled the same way and noted that she had had an ongoing issue with a experiencing a foul taste in her coffee.
12771226, puttin' the jizz in jizzfaceinthemorninginyourcoffee
Posted by double negative, Fri Apr-03-15 07:57 AM
12771229, More serious charges were dropped for Robert John Lind
Posted by SoWhat, Fri Apr-03-15 08:09 AM
"More serious charges were dropped for Robert John Lind back in November 2014, when the Ramsey County courts found that there was not enough evidence to provide probable cause that his actions constituted felony criminal sexual conduct."
12771259, that's disgusting. that man is a sicko.
Posted by KiloMcG, Fri Apr-03-15 09:01 AM
12771270, Who wants to bet he was hired over a more qualified black person?
Posted by Atillah Moor, Fri Apr-03-15 09:09 AM
12771322, That's stretching the definition of bulletproof coffee
Posted by placee_22, Fri Apr-03-15 10:00 AM
coconut oil is as far as I'll go away from butter.
12771329, YES!!!! NOT BLACK!!!!!
Posted by kinetic94761180, Fri Apr-03-15 10:06 AM
12771330, this is yt ppl shit in general tho-
Posted by kinetic94761180, Fri Apr-03-15 10:07 AM
12771341, He looks the part too
Posted by Amritsar, Fri Apr-03-15 10:19 AM
12771730, took 14 replies to get to this... shoulda be #1 or 2
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Fri Apr-03-15 01:31 PM


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12771375, I wouldn't want any mans jizz in my coffee, but especially not his.
Posted by Cenario, Fri Apr-03-15 10:29 AM
12771438, le sigh
Posted by spades, Fri Apr-03-15 10:47 AM
12771447, Guess she preferred it black no cream.
Posted by imperial, Fri Apr-03-15 10:50 AM

miserable niggas yo
cant let nobody have nothing
"god save the queen pip pip cheerio tea time princess di" ass niggas (c)white desus
12771511, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WfQN_M1pQc
Posted by gumz, Fri Apr-03-15 11:17 AM
12771653, c'mon! beating his ass somehow has to be legal
Posted by EMATI, Fri Apr-03-15 12:41 PM
if old boy that recorded himself going in on the chick-a-fil-a employee
can't get a job, surely this guy is especially unemployable
omg can you imagine this being your brother or something?
i don't know under what circumstances i would still deal with this person even if he was a relative
ex wife terminating parental rights type shit
the amount of paranoia that would live inside me being around him makes me feel rage that i'm not exactly comfortable with
nothing is safe