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Topic subjectHave you or your partner ever cried after sex?
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12770979, Have you or your partner ever cried after sex?
Posted by John Forte, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM

Poll question: Have you or your partner ever cried after sex?

Poll result (31 votes)
I have (5 votes)Vote
I've been with someone who did (18 votes)Vote
Nope (4 votes)Vote
I'm crying right now (4 votes)Vote


12770991, inbox.
Posted by BabySoulRebel, Thu Apr-02-15 04:15 PM
12770999, *sweating*
Posted by Mongo, Thu Apr-02-15 04:18 PM
12771000, Me hell no-- once dated a girl who kind sorta did at the start
Posted by Atillah Moor, Thu Apr-02-15 04:19 PM
I was caught off guard at first, asked her if she was okay, and we kept it moving.
12771002, Yes. But only because I didn't have change for a fifty. :,(
Posted by Mongo, Thu Apr-02-15 04:19 PM
12771007, i'm not a woman and i don't have sex w/women.
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Apr-02-15 04:25 PM
so - no.
12771035, yes because only women get emo and cry and all that other nonsense
Posted by NikaMandela, Thu Apr-02-15 04:57 PM
12771069, During/after sex? Yes, for the most part.
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Apr-02-15 06:04 PM
I've been out here fuckin for more than 20 yrs. I have not. ever. seen a man cry during or after sex. Ever. In life. But women and men who have sex with women say they've experienced it commonly. So - yeah.
12771067, *updates database*
Posted by SHAstayhighalways, Thu Apr-02-15 06:01 PM
12771071, Be sure to spell my name right.
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Apr-02-15 06:05 PM
12771013, made her cry.
Posted by PROMO, Thu Apr-02-15 04:29 PM
i wonder how many men have cried after sex. it's probably more than i think.
12771015, triple digits. no crying.
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Apr-02-15 04:30 PM
at all. ever.

12771031, i can't really picture it...
Posted by PROMO, Thu Apr-02-15 04:55 PM
but i guess i could understand if the guy was going thru some personal shit that was non-sex related like the loss of a friend/relative or just something that would make you extra emotional.

that probably happens with women too, but my girl told me she was just crying because the orgasm was too good (maybe she lied though, i dunno).
12771042, I can't either.
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Apr-02-15 05:21 PM
I've had some great, mind blowing orgasms. None of them has ever made me cry.
12771014, of course i have.
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Apr-02-15 04:30 PM
im an emotional person

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
12771025, I've made them cry both ways
Posted by John Forte, Thu Apr-02-15 04:41 PM
Uncontrolable, mind-blowing orgasms and "what have I done with my life"
12771138, ^^^
Posted by placee_22, Thu Apr-02-15 08:22 PM
12771026, Yes (although I was by myself at the time) and yes
Posted by Adwhizz, Thu Apr-02-15 04:45 PM
I rather like it when they cry (no Rape-O)
12771037, Nah. One girl was fake crying because I wouldn't "put a ring on it"
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Thu Apr-02-15 05:04 PM
during sex, in a bathroom at the homie's house. weird.
12771163, Lol. That's sad. But I bet you still finished up though
Posted by dafriquan, Thu Apr-02-15 09:23 PM
12771039, like, good cry or letting the flood gates of repression open crying?
Posted by double negative, Thu Apr-02-15 05:12 PM
12771044, I dont think in a good way
Posted by atruhead, Thu Apr-02-15 05:23 PM
definitely in a "I caught you doing dirt and I hate that Im still here" way

bad times
12771720, ^This
Posted by Mack, Fri Apr-03-15 01:24 PM
>definitely in a "I caught you doing dirt and I hate that I'm
>still here" way

12771114, yes to both
Posted by astralblak, Thu Apr-02-15 07:41 PM
The first chick I was with was foolin after she had let me hit a couple times. So mustered some emo tears about my fam and she gave it up

Two of my exes cried a couple times when we were fucking as they orgasmed and after.

The last one only teared up once after I ate her out
12771116, we cried...Cried..CRIEEEEDD....
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Apr-02-15 07:44 PM

"Seasons may come and your luck just may run out, and all that you'll have is some memories..."
12771133, perhaps i shed a few goodbye tears
Posted by EMATI, Thu Apr-02-15 08:16 PM
i was kidding myself at the time tho
said goodbye a few more times
12771134, if these walls could talk
Posted by EMATI, Thu Apr-02-15 08:18 PM
these walls happier when i'm here
12771528, I once cried because she wouldn't give it up...
Posted by imperial, Fri Apr-03-15 11:28 AM
laying in bed in our undies dry humping and shit.
but she wouldn't go further.

I cried in frustration..
miserable niggas yo
cant let nobody have nothing
"god save the queen pip pip cheerio tea time princess di" ass niggas (c)white desus
12771584, this is a terrible story.
Posted by Deadzombie, Fri Apr-03-15 12:03 PM
12771582, I had a couple cry *during* sex
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri Apr-03-15 12:03 PM
Teeeeeeeeeeears of rage, teeeeeeeeeeeears of grief (c) Richard Manuel
12771587, yup
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Apr-03-15 12:06 PM
1 - bc i knew i shouldn't be with that person. i cared more for them than they did for me

2 -bc i love him, and sometimes i get flooded with a happy emotion

i'm a crier tho. movies make me cry, i cry when im furious, etc.