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Topic subjectLadies: Why come you just can't be wrong?
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12770702, Ladies: Why come you just can't be wrong?
Posted by Geah, Thu Apr-02-15 01:40 PM
This chick wants me to put her son through some hoops drills. Monday she text me asking if I'll be able to if she gets the gym...

Her: when u gonna work out H
Me: When can I...

No response.

Til today
Her: I never heard back from u Monday
Me: I asked when I could and u never replied
Her: SCREENSHOTS our convo and says "U didn't ask u said "when I can" so I didn't know how to reply to that!!! I don't know when ur available man"
Me: Please go back and re read the exact pic you sent me and then apologize
Her: I am so sorry....that you didn't use a question mark

I ain't replying
Fuck her and her son(muhfucka swear he cold anyway)