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Topic subjectAll things.....SEX!
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12770525, All things.....SEX!
Posted by JellyBean, Thu Apr-02-15 12:28 PM
I just want to talk about it...answer all or some of the questions, share an anecdote.

what are some of your hang ups?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Do you feel there is a difference between making love and fcking?

what's your favorite position? your least favorite?

Ladies, have you ever squirted?

Fellas, have you ever done whatever the male equivalent is to squirting?

For those of you who planned your children, was the sex different since you were actively trying to make a person?

do you do oral? why or why not?

have you ever had an orgasm?

have you ever cried during sex?

do you like props?

have you ever been caught mid-coitus? (parent, kid, angry spouse, random person, college roommate etc.)

do you remember your best? your worst?