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Topic subjectweekend box office
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12766374, weekend box office
Posted by rdhull, Mon Mar-30-15 10:59 AM
Home -54 million (go head Ri andSheldon)

Get Hard-34 mil

some of yall negren lying and went to see Hart and Ferrell
12766378, DreamWorks Animation so desperately needed that win
Posted by b.Touch, Mon Mar-30-15 11:00 AM
They've been having massive layoffs, closing some of their offices, and they sold their main campus back to the bank and are currently renting it from SunTrust.
12766409, word..Im shocked it made so much
Posted by rdhull, Mon Mar-30-15 11:09 AM
>They've been having massive layoffs, closing some of their
>offices, and they sold their main campus back to the bank and
>are currently renting it from SunTrust.

Ferrell needed that one too
12771008, DWA will be going out of business soon
Posted by nipsey, Thu Apr-02-15 04:26 PM
They can't keep having "semi" hits bookended by flops. Wall Street likes to see consistent returns and their revenue fluctuates wildly depending on the film. And they've had floor flops and write downs than hits recently.
12771200, They bought a company called Classic Media with a
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Apr-03-15 03:46 AM
giant catalog of old TV shows and character properties (Casper the Friendly Ghost, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fat Albert, etc) with the hopes of both making a TV network and making new movies based on those old characters.

Neither plan worked. No cable operators would buy the proposed DreamWorks Channel (and Byron Allen thought he had troubles), and we all saw what happened with their first film featuring their new stable of classic characters, "Mr. Peabody and Sherman", fared at the box office.
12769479, i feel like there was more than a few articles/sites ready to pounce
Posted by Riot, Wed Apr-01-15 01:56 PM
assuming home was gonna bomb

and it didnt so the knives and the dancing shoes were just silently put away
12771346, Oh, they was ready.
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Apr-03-15 10:21 AM
Everyone was especially skeptical because one of the leads was a little Black girl and you "know" you "can't" do that.
12770876, i saw Get Hard
Posted by Calico, Thu Apr-02-15 03:09 PM
...it had its moments.... initially i hadn't planned on going, but the homie texted and wanted to go....

...and they were REALLY promoting Home alot, and with no other real competiotion out therer right now, i'm glad the movie made good money, but not surprised
12770879, You had a bros night out at Get Hard, bro?
Posted by T Reynolds, Thu Apr-02-15 03:11 PM
12770993, Lol
Posted by The Wordsmith, Thu Apr-02-15 04:16 PM

Since 1976
12771232, LOL...no..."the homie" is this chick i go to the movies with
Posted by Calico, Fri Apr-03-15 08:13 AM
...but that was a funny image...anyway, she REALLY wanted to see it...
12770890, Get Hard was pretty funny to me
Posted by esb225, Thu Apr-02-15 03:18 PM
and If you saw it "I hope you got your Costco card" line was funny as hell
12771309, It's not as racist as the promos make it look?
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Apr-03-15 09:46 AM
12771318, RE: It's not as racist as the promos make it look?
Posted by rdhull, Fri Apr-03-15 09:55 AM
I read a review that made it sound like it as a plethora of scenes akin to the "gay panic" scenes from Hot Tub Time Machine and Boat Trip as if the writing and script were beneath Hart and Ferrell.

Seems like it had possibilities but ended up as forgetable crap

12771337, I coulda told you it was beneath both of them from the trailer
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Apr-03-15 10:15 AM
It looks like something written for less established comic actors that someone at Warner Bros. read and loved so much that they went and got top-tier comic actors to star in it.

Just looked it up, apparently it's co-written by one of the writers of "Key & Peele". Maybe a four-minute sketch version of this with both leads being black (the concept as filmed will never-not be eyebrow-raising to me) could be funnier.