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Topic subjectjust finished Orange Is The New Black season 1&2
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12765677, just finished Orange Is The New Black season 1&2
Posted by rdhull, Sat Mar-28-15 05:06 PM
2's finale wasnt as compelling as 1 and it seemed like everything wrapped up nice and will be nice next season

Of course that cant be but it seems like the prison has cleaned itself up
12765681, i just always assumed a womens prison was cleaner than mens
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Sat Mar-28-15 05:38 PM
12765699, Yeah season 2 was rushed imo
Posted by Mafamaticks, Sat Mar-28-15 07:10 PM
12765769, I loved season 2 ending!
Posted by OrangeMoon, Sun Mar-29-15 01:13 AM